3 Indicators Of Damaged Hair You Can’t Ignore

When it comes to causing damage to our hair, many of us are guilty of over-using the heat tongs, hair dye or overheated water. All of these can lead to dry, damaged strands, but there comes a point where the hair is beyond repair and urgent action is needed. Keep an eye out for these signs of serious damage, as spotting them means it’s time for a consultation with your hairdresser about the next steps to take.

Dyed Hair Won’t Take Color

When we dye our hair, the hair follicles open up and become more porous and brittle. With repeated dye applications, this can lead to the hair becoming saturated with color and unable to absorb any more. If you’ve tried a home dye job or asked your hairdresser to have a go but the color won’t take, this is a sure sign that your hair needs a rest from the dye for a while. Your hairdresser may recommend a trim, and make sure to apply super nourishing hair mask at least once a week.

Persistent Knots And Tangles

Is your hair knotting up even right after you’ve brushed it? Depending on the texture and style of your hair, knots and tangles can be part and parcel of dealing with it. However, if your hair is generally smooth and on the straighter end of things but it keeps tangling up, this may be a sign that some of the strands are seriously brittle and dry. Apply hair oil every time you wash it and consider trimming off the ends.

Snapping Ends

If the ends of your hair are breaking or snapping, this is a classic sign of damage and a clear indicator that you need those ends trimmed off. Once they’re gone, make sure to apply a nourishing conditioner to the ends of your hair, to stop them from breaking and snapping again.

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