3 Hosting Tips To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

Making your guests feel at home is the ultimate sign of a great host. But what are some practical ways to make that happen? Here are three tips to ensure your guests have a warm experience at your place.

Welcoming Atmosphere

First impressions matter. Create a welcoming entryway with a clean, well-lit space. A small rug, a place for shoes, and some fresh flowers can make a big difference. 

For overnight guests, make sure their room is tidy, with fresh linens and some space to put their belongings. Small touches like a favorite snack can be a fun touch.


Make sure there’s enough comfortable seating for all your guests. Think about how you can arrange the seating to encourage conversation and interaction among guests.

Also, think about some refreshments. A simple basket with water bottles, snacks, or a coffee and tea station will allow your guests to help themselves without feeling like a bother.

Be Attentive But Relaxed

Pay attention to your guests’ needs. Be intuitive about when to offer another drink, a snack, or perhaps a break from activities.

But remember, guests feel more at home when their host is enjoying the time together. Don’t fuss over every detail. Your ease will set everyone else at ease.

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