3 Glam Eye Colors to Try This Festive Season

The festive season brings about so much excitement. A huge part of this is parties and getting to glam up, and these three eye colors should be added to your repertoire for the festive period. 

Dark Orange 

This bold look works in so many ways. You can turn it into a smoky sultry vibe, or embrace the pop party look. Either way, you’ll want a matt eyeshadow for this color, and some dark lashes to go with it. To get that festive feeling, try it with a dark matt lip color.

Pastel Blue

This one is for all the lovers of Y2K style. A shimmery pastel blue eyeshadow is perfect for that wintery festive look while paying homage to 00s babes and Bratz dolls. Pair with some light highlighter and a shiny nude lip for a look that screams glamorous Snow Queen.

Golden Pink 

This color complements most skin tones and is perfect for the festive party season. This color is also ideal for adding gold details for extra festivity. For example, you could use sparkly gold eyeliner to draw stars just below the outer corners of the eyes for some serious glamor. 

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