3 Fun Hair Colors to Try on Bleached Hair

Hair is something that many of us like to play around with. It’s a great way to show off personal style, and due to regrowth, it’s easy to make drastic changes while knowing they will eventually grow out. Bleaching hair is super popular, and while platinum blonde hair is lovely, it’s exciting to play around with fun colors. Here are three to try out.


This pale color is stunning and complements so many skin tones. It also works with lots of different aesthetics and styles. It only works on very pale hair so keep this in mind. This is great as when it fades the leftover purple tones will help your blonde to stay yellow-free. 


Another pale color which will only work on very pale hair. This one can appear very subtle as it’s not that far away from blonde-colored hair. However, the delicate orange and pink tones will look stunning and won’t clash with any part of your outfit or style. 

Lime Green

This quirky color is a bold choice but can look so vibrant and cool. Whether you’re after a grungey look or are hoping to give off some pixie vibes, this bright shade will help you feel confident and daring. 

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