3 Best Ways to Embrace Biophilia Workouts, the New 2023 Fitness Craze

If you love fitness and nature in equal measure, biophilia workouts are about to become your next obsession. This emerging trend is all about taking your workout routine to the great outdoors, and here are the three best ways to embrace it.

Solo Workouts

In case you don’t have a gym membership and prefer working out at home, you can give biophilia workouts a shot on your own. Working out at a local park is a good place to start, and you should avoid peak hours if you feel intimidated. Jogging is also an option and it won’t invite too many curious stares.

Workout Buddy

Solo workouts don’t do it for everyone, and having company can be a great motivational tool. Consider finding a workout buddy who’s interested in working out outdoors together. You’ll feel more comfortable exercising outside when you’re not on your own, in addition to having someone to keep you accountable.

Outdoor Workout Classes

Biophilia workouts experienced a boom after numerous gyms started adding them to their offer. Check if there are any gyms in your local area with outdoor group classes. They most likely won’t be available all year long, but they’re pretty popular in spring and summer.

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