What Is It With Corset Pants?

It was not such a long time ago, Kim Kardashian kept us all pending on her corset outlooks. But just when we thought this phase was over, it is Beyoncé who brought the style back.

A couple of weeks ago, she posted some photos on Instagram wearing a beige corset. This raised many questions, “Are they back?”

According to modern trends, Corsets are not even considered to be fashionable. But if someone can bring a new trend back, it is Queen B. 

Her outfit involved a white crop top, black bell bottoms and, of course, the corset with hip pads. Is this her first time? 

No, she has worn them many times before. She usually wears them on her performances.  One that we can easily remember is her number from Vh1′s “Big in ’03” awards ceremony.

In fact, corsets never left. They tend to appear with big celebrities. Kim Kardashian for example, wore them to mark her curves. It was even considered exaggerated because sometimes they were too tight. 

Who might blame these celebrities? This style suits the, perfectly. Many women are now copying their outfit and, it is a matter of time for this “new” look to be again a world trend. 

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