This Lip Gloss Does Magic


There is a new top coat for lips on the market. It has the color of a unicorn: some pink and metallic silver. It is a new trend to wear such a coat on your lips and it actually looks very good.

It is a fun way to change your image a bit, to make a classic outfit more interesting, to dare a bit more.

This Lip Gloss Does Magic

The brand that sells the product is known for its incredibly vibrant lipsticks. The unicorn one is not the only extravagant one they are selling, there’s a whole range.

This Lip Gloss Does Magic

Black Unicorn, very dark one, Cleopatra, a rose gold one and Acid Fairy, one with lavender and mint. But watch out: Topcoats are not to be confused with gloss. The gloss is something you can put on the lipstick or that can be worn alone.

We still don’t know when these new colors will be launched, but it is supposed to be anytime soon. We are for sure excited, can’t wait to try them all!!


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