Make Your Home Look More Expensive With These Home Decor Ideas

Are you growing tired of seeing the same design in your home day after day and feel like it’s time for an upgrade? Fear not. Here are some design tips that will not only provide some much-needed change but make your home appear more expensive than it really is.

Add Art

If your walls are fairly bare, then consider adding some paintings or photographs. Remember, not all beautiful art is expensive…some pieces can be found at thrift stores for reasonable prices.

Hide Cords

While it may not be a renovation so to speak, hiding cords and cables can make your home appear far neater and more elegant. Bundle your cords together and make sure they are well-hidden from sight, perhaps behind a TV stand or hidden strategically behind furniture.

Display Flowers

Adding fresh flowers and other plants to your home can help you to liven things up and add character. Even if you don’t always have flowers around, adding some to your living room can seriously improve aesthetics whenever guests visit.

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