Important Questions to Ask Your Airbnb Host Before You Book Your Stay

Picking the perfect Airbnb spot can feel like finding a hidden gem. But before you get too excited and start packing, there’s a little homework to do—starting with a quick chat with your host. Asking the right questions now can save you from headaches later. Here’s what we recommend.

What Are the Check-in and Check-out Procedures?

Understanding the logistics of checking in and out of your Airbnb is essential. This is not only about knowing the times but also the process involved. Ask your host:

  • How do I check in and check out?
  • Are the times flexible?
  • Is there a lockbox or do you meet in person to exchange keys?

Can You Provide Details on the Amenities Available?

While most Airbnb listings include details about the amenities and appliances available, it’s always a good idea to confirm these details to avoid assumptions. Specific questions might include:

  • Is Wi-Fi available and is it fast enough for streaming or work purposes?
  • What kitchen appliances are available? 

What Is the Neighborhood Like?

Lastly, the atmosphere and safety of the neighborhood are as important as the interior of the Airbnb. Ask your host about:

  • The safety of the neighborhood
  • The noise level
  • Proximity to public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants, and major tourist attractions.

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