Ideas to Help Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Environment 

As more and more news comes of the steadily increasing issues around climate change, we all want to do our bit to live more sustainably. Sometimes it’s clear what changes we can make to our lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly, and other times it’s a bit confusing. The kitchen is a classic place where changes can easily be made, so here are some ideas to get you started. 

Choose Refillable Liquids

Whether it’s washing up liquid or kitchen disinfectant spray, most of these kitchen products can be found in zero-waste refill shops. Find some containers you like to put these items in to be used daily, and then refill them when they’re running low. Choosing this instead of loads of plastic bottles is a great way to be more eco-conscious in the kitchen.

Be Savvy With ‘Use By’ Dates

Certain companies are changing their tack with this anyway, but in general, we all need to be more aware of this issue. Oftentimes, ‘use by’ dates are given as a guide and if you carefully check the appearance and smell of your food items then it can be dismissed. Certain foods you will want to be more careful with, such as chicken and shellfish, but with safer foods this is a great change to make to reduce unnecessary food waste.

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