How To Wear White Clothes In The Real World

On magazine covers and splashed across billboards, white dresses, jeans and jackets can look stunningly on trend and fresh. In the real world, many of us struggle to keep these clothes looking neat, so many white clothing purchases end up sitting unworn in closets. If you’d like to embrace white clothes this spring and summer, check out these simple tips on how to wear this color in the real world.

Opt For Crinkle Fabrics

Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are your friends when it comes to wearing white. Whilst a tailored, starched white pant suit may look amazing on a model, the chances are that by lunchtime the clothes will be creased. White is particularly unforgiving when it comes to lines, rumples and creases, as the whole point of this color is to look polished and put together. As linen and some cottons are meant to look creased, it takes some of the pressure out of wearing white.

Spritz a Little Hair Spray

If you’re worried about fake tan or make up products transferring onto your white clothes, spritz the cuffs, collars and hems of your clothes with a bit of hair spray. This will form a barrier, repelling any orange-toned foundation or anything else that might transfer onto your fresh white clothes. It also helps to get dressed before applying make up, so you don’t have to inch your top on over your face, avoiding your immaculate eyeshadow.

Invest In A Streak Free Deodorant

Carefully check your deodorant or anti-perspirant, and if in doubt, invest in one which specifies itself as being ‘anti-white mark’ or ‘streak free’. Some of the ingredients in some deodorants can transfer onto clothes, and this is a particular problem with black or white clothing. Allow your deodorant plenty of time to dry before dressing, as this also lessens the risk of transfer.

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