Brow Contour Pro by Benefit: A Breath of Nostalgia

Benefit Cosmetics’ latest product is sure to bring you back to junior high. The Brow Contour Pro, launched this month in five colors at $34, feels and looks like the click pens of our childhood. The difference is that it has four crayon products in one instead of ink: a definer, a highlighter, a lighter shade, and a deeper shade.

Most makeup enthusiasts understand that to have really good brows, you need to define them using concealer and contour them. This product is aimed at making that technique easier and faster than ever.

Brow Contour Pro by Benefit: A Breath of Nostalgia

The shape and size of the pen feel great, so it’s easy to both be precise and maneuver. You can use the darker shade to fill in your brows from the arch to the start, then the lighter one from the tail to the arch. Less is more with this pigment—it’s meant to last for up to 24 hours—so you can use a little bit and brushed it out to look natural instead of filling in every part of the arch.

Brow Contour Pro by Benefit: A Breath of Nostalgia

Then, you can apply the definer shade, especially if it is close to your skin tone, to sharpen up the edges of the brow somewhat like an eraser. End with the highlighter on the bone of the brow.

We realize it sounds complicated, but all it takes is a little practice. This product makes it easy enough even for amateurs to master. The pen makes it simple to define brows with concealer, giving you the arched and thick, yet natural-looking brows you want.

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