Best Ways to Pack Light For Your Trips This Fall

Packing light comes with a long list of perks, from lower travel costs to easy mobility during your trip. Unfortunately, most people struggle when it comes to lightening the load of their suitcase once fall arrives, but we’re here to help you easily pack light for your next big adventure.

Layered Dressing

Fall weather can be pretty unpredictable and that’s why it’s recommended to always dress in layers. To make the whole thing even better, this strategy can help you lighten your load, as long as you pack clothes in neutral colors that you can easily mix and match

Pants & Skirts

Layering tops is all fun and games, but bottoms are a different story. They also take up more space in your suitcase, so it’s best to pack pants and skirts that you can easily mix and match with your tops and stick to up to three pairs.

Jackets & Shoes

No matter how many jackets/coats, and shoes you have at home, try to pick one that you’re going to wear during your trip and stick to it because they take up a lot of space.

Do Your Laundry

If you’re embarking on a longer trip that will most likely require a change of clothes, consider doing your laundry along the way. Look for accommodation with cheap laundry services, or consider washing the clothes that you urgently need by hand.

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