5 Places That You’re Probably Missing When Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the only thing that stands between you and harmful UV rays during the hot summer months—as long as you apply it properly. There are some overlooked spots that we often forget, leaving room for the sun to sneak in unnoticed, and these five fall under that category.


The ears are one of the areas heavily exposed to the sun, yet we often forget to protect them properly. Generously apply some sunscreen on your ears and earlobes because they’re very prone to sunburns.   


You should pay closer attention to your neck when applying sunscreen and make sure not to overlook the back of your neck, especially if your hairstyle will leave it exposed.


The scalp is the highest point of your body, and thus most exposed to sun rays. Look for sunscreens formulated with the scalp in mind to give it proper protection, and consider wearing a hat if you don’t find the right match.


The tops of your feet will be left vulnerable to harmful UV rays whenever you’re wearing shoes with open toes so make sure to coat them with sunscreen.


Keep in mind that your lips deserve some SPF love, as well – and you don’t even need regular sunscreen to protect them. A lip balm with an SPF of 30 or higher is all it takes to keep your lips safe and moisturized.

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