3 Hairstyles Which Will Be Big in 2024

As a new year approaches, fashion experts are already thinking about the biggest looks for Spring/Summer ’24 and beyond. Whilst it can seem a bit much to start planning your April outfits in December, it can help to consider the hair and beauty looks that will be big news in the new year. Here are three of the hottest hair trends that you’re sure to see on both the catwalk and at the mall. The only issue now is deciding which one you want the most.

Super Straight

After a long time in which curly, coiled and wavy hair has ruled the red carpet, many celebrities are returning to a poker-straight look which dominated fashion in the 90s. Although this look can take some tools and techniques to master, ultimately it’s attainable for everyone and looks oh-so-chic and polished.

Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are a refresh on the slightly messier, choppier bob styles that we’ve seen in recent years. This bob style is a little more severe and sophisticated, and you can create some really dramatic looks by pairing your slick hair with some jaw-dropping accessories and a bold makeup look.

Baroque Bob

Another bob style—because who doesn’t love a versatile, shorter style? – the baroque bob is best demonstrated by Zendaya’s wavy, grown out, looser hair style. Just grazing the shoulders, the baroque bob is ideal for those who don’t want to go super short, and there’s still enough length to play around with different styles.

2024 looks like another great year for fashion and style, with a range of new and interesting looks set to hit the high street and the red carpet.

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