3 Ceramic Styles To Add To Your Collection

Ceramics can add interest and style to your interiors and also have a functional aspect when they come in the form of vases, bowls, or candlesticks. Read on for some of the key styles to look out for, and inspiration on what to pair your chic new ceramics with.

Plain Porcelain

White porcelain has a classic, timeless quality, and can be mixed and matched with other decorative objects to create an interesting display. White porcelain vases can also look stunning when compared with bright blooms such as carnations, roses, or irises. Place the porcelain in a location where it will catch the sunlight, as the fine detailing of this type of ceramic is something to show off and admire.

Bold And Bright

The trend for block color continues and has extended into homeware including ceramics. If you’re feeling brave, experiment with clashing tones such as burnt orange and scarlet red. Otherwise, pair pleasing blues with yellow shades, or gorgeous greens with lurid oranges for an eye-catching style statement.

Pastel Pretty

Pastels can work in any home, as they can fit into a minimalist vibe or tone down a very maximalist one. Pastels also stand up well to patterns, and can be gentler on the eye than very bright shades. Check out gorgeous pastel blues and greens for a natural vibe, or opt for blush pinks and oranges for a subtle lift.

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