Why You Should Start Your Morning With a Quick Walk

Most mornings, we can’t seem to drag ourselves out of bed. However, starting you day off right can change your whole attitude and energy levels. Here are a few reasons that a morning walk is a great idea.

Gentle Exercise to Start the Day

There’s plenty of research to suggest starting the day with some exercise is good, as it helps us to wake up and gives us a natural energy boost. However, many people aren’t keen on starting the day with an intense run or session at the gym. Walking is gentle yet effective cardio and is a great way to ease yourself into being active and awake. 

A Mindful Activity

Walking can help us be more present and mindful, as we can take in our surroundings and appreciate little things such as crunchy autumn leaves or a nearby bird song. This is also a positive start to the day and will help keep your mind feeling calmer throughout the day.

Can Enjoy Some Time Outside

So often with the work week, it can be hard to find time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Making a habit of having a brisk walk first thing can make sure we fit this important activity in before getting stuck into the working day.

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