Victoria’s Secret Best Kept Secret

Perfumes are extremely expensive.  It seems as if brands continually find new ways to increase their prices.  Some perfumes that are the most pricey don’t even smell appealing.  Then there are the brands whose scent disappears after about 30 minutes of wear.  These perfumes are extremely frustrating especially because one of the ways that women tend to feel most confident in different social situations is when they are confident that they do not carry a bad odor.

One specific brand of affordable products whose perfumes and body sprays are surprisingly remarkable is Victoria Secret.  There perfumes can be typical and smell like many of the expensive perfumes on the market. However, the body spray options seem to be endless.  The body spray collection offers and amazing line of scents that definitely appeal to a younger audience than many of the very heavy perfume brands that people of your grandma’s age probably wear.

Not only are the scents amazing and diverse, but the bottles and packaging is adorable.  The color of the bottles are beautiful and each bottle or artfully constructed scent is encased by a simple, classy looking, and cute spray bottle.  Two of the best smelling flavors, by far, ar Love Spell and Pure Seduction.  The names given to the different scents are also pretty intriguing as well.  These different body sprays are wonderful, long lasting, and are a terrific alternative to purchasing overly priced perfume that may not even smell too great.

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