Tyra Banks Opens Up About her Nose Job

Tyra Banks is undoubtedly one of the most glorified and loved fashion icons of our time. She has starred in movies, made guest appearances on shows, started the extremely popular America’s Next Top Model series that has developed into an international sensation, and she even had her own talk show that she hosted for a few years.

Many of her appearances and hosting positions were very fashion and style focused. On America’s Next Top Model, she stressed the importance of highlighting natural beauty and utilizing one’s personal aesthetic to elevate their own brand. On her talk show, she often spoke about topics that related to how race, perceptions of oneself, gender stereotypes, and more related to the psychology of how people behave and live their lives.

She elevated the idea that every person is beautiful in their own, natural skin, and shot down critics who claimed to judge people based off of their physical appearances, even though Tyra, herself, has claimed to struggle with being a “mean girl” in the past. Tyra’s beauty has allowed her to continuously grow her success and following.

Recently, though, she addressed how she has previously undergone plastic surgery that has allowed her to achieve her signature look. Back in her early modeling days in the 90’s Tyra admits that she went through a nose surgery. She admits that the surgery was purely cosmetic, as she was able to breathe fine prior to getting her nose job.

Unlike most celebrities who get a nose job under the guise of a deviated septum, it is refreshing that Tyra admits to getting surgery simply because she wanted to.

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