Three Ways To Discover New Music This Year

It may sound strange, but with the boom in streaming services, it can be increasingly hard to discover great new music. All too often, the services provide us with ready-made playlists which include all our old favorites, or we use the sites to gravitate towards music we already know. If you want to get into some new songs this year, here are three ways to ensure you’re listening to a diverse range of music.

Buy An Album

When was the last time you purchased a whole album? Often, we listen to one song by an artist on repeat, without listening to the rest of the album. Buying a vinyl, CD or even a cassette tape will mean that you’ll experience the whole album rather than just the single. It will also encourage you to listen to the album in full, rather than skipping between songs which can often lead to distracted listening.

Listen To Local Radio

Often, local DJs are some of the best people to listen to when it comes to discovering interesting new music in your area. They will play a range of top hits, indie tunes, and undiscovered artists, so you can enjoy a range of music whilst keeping an ear open for anything new that strikes you.

Ask A Friend

Why not ask a friend to make you a playlist of their favorite tracks and tunes? They can send it via a streaming service like Spotify, so there’s no need for them to go to the trouble of burning a CD. You can return the favor by creating one for them, too. The idea is to get slightly out of your comfort zone, whilst listening to tracks selected by someone who has similar tastes in music to you. Even if you only love one or two tracks on their playlist, you’ve still discovered something new to listen to, and you can talk about your new love for this band with your pal!

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