Three Cute Updos To Try For Party Season

Although the festive period may feel like a long way off, these things have a habit of coming around unexpectedly quickly. If you want to get ahead, practise some of these elegant updos now, so that when it’s party time you can get ready in no time.

Low Twisted Bun

Brush or comb your hair out, then tie it in a low ponytail. Wrap the hair around the ponytail and secure with a clear bobble. You can keep it smooth and sleek by adding some hairspray, or tease a few hairs out to create a languid, nonchalant look.

Plaited Ponytail

For this gorgeous look, brush your hair out and then separate a section at the front. Plait it, working your way around to the back of your head (a mirror that shows you the back of your head will be very useful here). Clip it in place, then tie the rest of your hair in a low pony, teasing out some strands at the side to frame your frame. Wrap the end of the plait around the pony, and secure with pins and clips.

Sleek Chic Bun

A look that is easier for those with shorter hair to create, this just requires some hair oil, a comb, and a bobble. Rub hair oil over the comb and run it through your hair, so that your strands get coated with gloss but aren’t left looking too oily. Use the bobble to secure your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck. If this look is too simple for you, add some interesting clips or hair jewelry to brighten it up.

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