This Boston Bombing Survivor Walked the Runway with a Very Strong Statement

The Vancouver fashion week made a very big statement through Adrianne Haslet. The unconventional model, who is a Boston bombing survivor, opened the latest #BEBODYAWARE Fall/Winter 2017 runway show.

She sent a very strong message together with models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds who walked in the show after her. Among the various models, Irish plus-size model and Be Body Aware Project founder Tia Duffy. This is a global fashion and education project which celebrates diversity to make changes to the universal standards of beauty. The models wore evening clothing.

The designer explained why he cast Haslet in her show: “I chose Adrianne to model for my brand so I could use the VFW platform to bring diversity in any shape or size to the runway and to the fashion media. The concept of this runway was inspired by The Golden Hour, which is the hour [immediately] following a tragedy and considered the most critical for successful emergency treatment.

Adrianne is the perfect exemplar for this concept with her recovery from the Boston tragedy and her drive to not only return to the ballroom dance floor, but become an advocate to empower others. Having Adrianne on the runway and in media will show her strength to persevere after a terrorist attack, and give the viewer a similar strength to overcome any personal adversity they might be experiencing, with each sunset from the Golden Hour leading to a new day.”

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