The Perfect Makeup to Get You Excited for Fall

As summer ends, make up can get a little bit more interesting. Eyeshadows, bold lipsticks, strong brows and more make a comeback, as the less-is-more aesthetic gives way to fall-worthy looks. If you’re keen to switch up your routine, try out one of these looks to really welcome in the new season.

Dark Lips

In keeping with the darker evenings, a bold dark lip looks great and can suit everyone. Find the shade that’s right for you, and remember to layer lip color with translucent powder to set it. You can match the lips to the eyes and go similarly bold, or opt for a more pared back eye look, to keep all the focus on your lips.

Fall Tones On The Eyes

Reference the bounty of a fall harvest by painting your eyes in shades of pumpkin, apple, and butternut squash. Use different tones, starting with the lightest in the inner corner of your eye, and placing the darker tone at the outer corner. This will help to make your eyes look bigger, and can seem like a complex make up look, even if it’s only taken five minutes.

Bright Eyes

Now that the sweatier weather has passed, get your black liner out again and create some graphic shapes. A feline flick is an old classic that will never fail, but you can make it your own by defining it with different color eyeshadows. Don’t forget the bold lashes, to really pull the look together!

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