Summer Hair Trends of 2018

Bright Colors

A fun, attention-grabbing hair trend that is becoming more and more popular is dying hair bright colors. Whether a stylish hot pink or an intense blue, vibrant hair colors are a fun way to change up your look!



Long, front “curtain bangs” are a huge growing trend that works great with every hair length. This fringe is a fun, casual, and playful way to up your hair game, and the trend is getting bigger every day. The great thing about bangs is while they are a good way to change your hair, you can always pin them back when you don’t have time to style them!


Chin-length Bob

While a long bob has been a popular trend for the last couple of years (seen on Jennifer Lawrence and Vanessa Hudgens, to name a few), the chin-length bob is becoming popular just in time for the summer heat! This cute and playful haircut is both cool in temperature and style. While long hair has been a trend in the past, the bob is a great way to make a daring change, and according to what’s trending in 2018, now is the time to do it!


Hair accessories

Using hair accessories is also a growing trend this year and a great way to add style to your look without paying a trip to the hair salon. From adding a burgundy velvet ribbon to a ponytail to using many little hair clips reminiscent of the 90s, hair accessories are an affordable, on-trend way to up your hair game.

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