Ideas for First Dates

Dating is hard. Not only are there the never-ending complications of trying to figure people and situations out, but it’s also a lot of effort to plan fun dates. Here are some ideas for cute dates that will get you talking. At the end of the day, even if there aren’t any follow-up dates at least you’ve had a great day out!

Art Gallery

This is a great hack for keeping the conversation flowing. Wandering around looking at art is not only super romantic, but it’s also a great way to get to know someone. Don’t take it too seriously though – if your tastes in art aren’t on the same wavelength that’s not at all to say you’re not compatible as a pair. 

Botanical Gardens

This is ideal if you enjoy being outdoors and want to share this with someone else. If there are nice places to sit as well, you could plan to bring a small picnic to share, or just grab a coffee from a nearby stall and sit and enjoy the beautiful plants.

Amusement Arcade

This one requires you to be fairly active, so bear this in mind. But what better way to break the ice than by competing against each other in some fun vintage arcade game? You could even go all out and challenge them to a dance-mat battle.

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