How To Pick The Perfect Foundation

First impressions start with your face and the right foundation is the first step to putting your best face forward. Like all makeup, the foundation isn’t there to just cover things up, it’s about complementing what you have and making your natural features shine.

Start things off right with the perfect shade of foundation and here’s how.

How To Pick The Perfect Foundation


There’s oily, dry and combination. Don’t use a heavy or oil-based foundation if you’ve got oily skin. Stick with a lightweight formula to keep your pores clear. Also, keep an eye out for brands with acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid. 


How To Pick The Perfect Foundation


If you’ve got sensitive skin or allergies to any moisturizers watch out for similar ingredients in foundations. You know what your skin needs!


How To Pick The Perfect Foundation


Your foundation can do double duty if you look for formulas that address issues like lines and aging. Powder and matte foundation might not be the best bet for lined skin, it can settle in and highlight the signs of aging.


How To Pick The Perfect Foundation


Pick a foundation with SPF. The sun is the worst thing for your skin. It won’t happen right away, but over time you’ll find the sun causes spotting, coloring and lines. A foundation with SPF will be a huge help in the long run.


How To Pick The Perfect Foundation


For dry skin, a foundation with moisturizer can give your skin that extra hydrating boost that it needs.


How To Pick The Perfect Foundation


If you don’t have problems with oily or dry skin and no issues with aging skin than don’t do more than necessary. A lightweight foundation or even just a tinted moisturizer can be all you need to give your skin that lovely glow.



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