The Things Every Hair Stylist Avoids

4 Hair Care Fouls To Avoid

Hair is one of those things that seems like it should be simple but can be quite complex. Sometimes the path to healthy hair can be counterintuitive. If you want the healthiest hair possible, you need to learn from the experts and avoid some of the common mistakes that people around you make every day. Here are some common errors that you need to sidestep if you want the best hair possible.

Brushing Your Hair When It’s Wet

We’re starting with a mistake that is all too common. It’s easy to think that you should brush your hair after showering but this is an easy way to break your hair. Wet hair is easier to damage than dry hair, so you can cause hair problems if you’re always brushing right after you shower. To protect your hair, you should either brush your hair before you shower or wait until your hair has a chance to get dry before showering. You can also switch to a comb with wide teeth to do less damage.

The Neverending Ponytail

The Things Every Hair Stylist Avoids

Yanking your hair back and tying it off to make a ponytail might be a quick way to get it out of your face but it can also lead to hair damage. The tighter you pull your hair back, and the more often you pull it back, the more damage you’ll do. You should be especially careful if you have highlights in your hair because the chemicals used to create highlights can result in hair that is weaker and easier to damage. You don’t have to say goodbye to your ponytail permanently, but you should cut back on how often you put your hair into a ponytail if you want to protect and preserve it.

Constantly Using Just One Shampoo

Variety is the spice of life. Always choosing the same shampoo doesn’t just get boring, it can negatively impact your hair. One of the fascinating things about hair is that it seemed to build a tolerance to certain shampoos over time. This means that a bottle of shampoo that starts out working miracles may end up producing diminishing results over time. To get the best hair possible, you should regularly switch between different shampoos. And don’t just switch from one moisturizing shampoo to another, switch to different types that are designed to provide your hair with different benefits. A well-rounded shampoo regime can work wonders.

Buying Cheap Hair Care Products

A lot of people who would never trust a dirt-cheap salon will go out and buy the cheapest hair care products in stores. The fact is that regular high-quality home hair care treatments will do more good than a handful of trips to the salon each year. Cheap hair care products tend to be harsher and more damaging to hair. Using abrasive chemicals in your hair every day is a good way to damage it. You don’t have to buy the most expensive products you find, but you should try to avoid the cheap stuff. Spending a little more per day on your hair can help you get the most out of it throughout your lifetime.


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