Dress Trends For Winter, According To A Style Expert

As the cold winter months approach, you may feel upset as it appears as if the season for dresses is at an end. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Fashion stylist Candice Lambert McAndrews has revealed the biggest dress trends that you can strut around during winter.

Daytime Dress Styles

In Candice’s eyes, wearing a colorful dress or pairing a more neutral dress with some eye-catching accessories are both valid options. Consider pairing your dress with a stylish loader, sneaker, or high-rising boot.

Nighttime Dress Styles

As the sun goes down, Candice recommends wearing something a little more daring and sultry. Use a pattern to draw some attention to your dress or, if it’s cold, wear a subtle dress with a cozy jacket or blazer.

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