3 Upgrades That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

There’s nothing better than a luxurious bathroom. It can make you relax and feel calm even after a stressful day at work. In Scott McGillivray’s latest Reno to Reveal Porject. he took a small basement bathroom and turned it into a spa-like retreat.

This is how he did it: He installed a glass shower and he made it curbless. In this say: “It opens up the sight lines and, when combined with the frameless glass, makes this small room feel huge,” he explained.

That’s not the only thing he added to the shower: “Within the glass shower enclosure, I added a special feature. The glass goes all the way to the ceiling and has a vent at the top that can be opened and closed. So if you feel like indulging in a steam shower, you can close the vent and allow steam to gather, and when you want a regular shower, you can open it up and allow the steam to escape,” Scott explained.

“Steam generators can be very pricey, but this solution allows you to get a similar experience at a fraction of the price.” Not only that, he added a shower bench to chill in the shower.

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