3 Things to Keep in Mind When Working Out on a Bad Mental Health Day

We all have to face bad mental health days from time to time and it’s perfectly natural to skip your workout once they come. On the other hand, physical activity can improve your mood when you’re feeling low, as long as you keep these three things in mind.

Do Something Fun

Don’t force yourself to do a workout you don’t enjoy on your bad mental health days. The best way to improve your mood is to do something that you actually enjoy, whether it’s running or swimming or simply hiking or dancing around your house.

Do Something Small

There’s no need to put pressure on yourself to do a full workout when you’re feeling low. If you can summon the strength to work out for five or ten minutes from the comfort of your home, it’s still better than nothing. Find a workout on YouTube that suits you and make sure it’s not too intense.

Just Get Out

Your priority during bad mental health days shouldn’t be to do an intense workout but to simply get out and move your body. Getting outside and being surrounded by nature can be good for your emotional well-being because it’s a great way to relax and distress, so do your best to get out of your bed and go for a short walk.

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