3 Fun Warm Winter Accessories

As the weather gets colder we all want to wrap up in as many warm clothes as we can. But these can still be super stylish, and here are three examples.

Fluffy Headband

Faux fur accessories in winter are a great invention. Not only are they super warm, but they look so cute with so many different styles. Embrace your inner Bratz doll with a fluffy headband, to keep your head and ears warm without being too restrictive. Try them either in a lovely subtle brown or go for a more exciting bold color to show off your personal style. 

Knitted Gloves

Ideally, you should opt for proper wool ones for the most effective protection from the cold. These are great for keeping your wrists and hands warm while still allowing your fingers to be free to do things. They also add a fun element to any outfit. 

Velvet Scarf

Velvet is a great material – not only does it have a lovely luxurious feel, but it’s also really warm. It’s a great choice for scarf material for these reasons and is much gentler on the delicate skin around the neck and face than wool is. Choose a color you love and embrace the classy, stylish warmth.

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